Why You Need to Ditch Your Paper Punch Card in 2021


As the old saying goes, “out with the old and in with the new.” We live in a day and age where technological wonders have made it so the world can almost function 100% digitized. Think about it for a second. Over the past two decades, the music store and video rental shop have both […]

Community Membership Cards

How to set up your digital membership program so your cards can be scanned by local business partners. I frequently get asked how to cater for scenarios, where you have a community of members with different levels. Let’s take a university as an example, where you might have students, you have faculty members and you […]

How to set up and Run your digital coupon campaign

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Important Note: CherryPie is no longer supported. PassKit released the all new PassKit Platform in early 2020. This platform incorporates decades of experience designing, developing and implementing world class mobile wallet solutions for some of the biggest international brands. And at the same time, working with small businesses all over the world to help them […]

Design digital coupons for Apple Wallet and Google Pay

Watch this simple to follow video to get all the secrets to designing your very own digital, contactless coupons. Just as Burger King and other big brands are doing today. No matter your business size – you can do this today Plus – with the latest PassKit platform you don’t need any coding / developer […]

Digital Membership Cards in Apple Wallet and Google Pay

Digital Membership Cards by PassKit

Apple Wallet is now the mobile wallet of choice for all iPhone owners.  It’s one of the standard iOS apps, and cannot be deleted.  And with Apple Pay available in over 40 countries and regions, consumers are getting more and more used to whipping out their iPhone to transact, while leaving their old leather wallet at […]

How to integrate Apple Wallet and Google Pay Membership Cards (Passes) with your Point of Sale (POS) and Accounting Systems

Customer Experience is the new marketing.  Hear from the CEO of The Coffee Academics about the many benefits of integrating Apple Wallet and Google Pay Passes with their Point of Sale (POS) software. If you’ve integrated passes into your online to offline business already, please share your experience in the comments below. If you’d like to know […]

How to engage your customers with the Apple Wallet changeMsg

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A few months ago one of our client’s wanted a solution that would push engaging messages to their customers passes based on their activity. Using the Passkit API this is a very straightforward task but I thought it would be good to document the use case in the hopes that it might inspire someone else […]

10 ways to promote and distribute mobile loyalty cards (and tickets, and coupons)


80% of customers say they are much more likely to choose a brand that offers them rewards for being a good customer (and 89% of millennials say the same) and twice as likely to recommend the brand to others. But when asked, the majority of consumers say they are unaware if a brand offers any rewards. […]

Customer Loyalty: What is it?


You could say that we’re slightly obsessed with customer loyalty here at PassKit and we’ve written about it countless times. Why? Because the best kind of customer is a returning customer. When someone’s had such a positive experience with your brand, you want to keep them coming back for more. Or, in layman’s terms, you […]