How to Distribute Mobile Wallet Content via Email

CherryPie Apple Wallet MailChimp

In this article we are going to explain how to distribute mobile wallet content to contacts via email. We will assume you already know How to Upload your contacts to the CherryPie CRM, and How to create Customer Segmentations within CherryPie. If you don’t, please check out those articles first. Exporting CSV file from CherryPie […]

Game-changing notifications in iOS10

notifications in iOS10

With the recent release of iOS10, Apple just revolutionised the way brands and organisations can communicate with their customers. Lock-screen notifications can now be displayed on multiple rows, whereas before there was a character limit that has now been removed. We tested this feature here at PassKit, and we learned that iOS10 allows to display more than […]

One big Change in Apple Wallet on iOS 10

pass description on iOS 10

In this short post we will explain the biggest change in Apple Wallet on iOS 10, in particular we will talk about the pass description that now is visible on the back of the pass. iOS 10 – Description on the back of the pass On the picture below you can see how the back […]

Features and Updates in iOS 10

iOS 10 logo

With the official release of iOS 10 today, let’s take a look at the main features and changes that you will notice in your iPhone. Lock-screen touch and go The first and most evident thing that visually stands out in iOS 10 is the new layout of the lock-screen. You can now swipe the screen to […]

Mobile Wallets and Millennials

Mobile Wallets and Millennials

67% of millennials have used their mobile wallet in the last month. But mobile wallets are not just about payments; they are about enhancing the entire in-store experience. In this video Paul Tomes, Co-Founder and CEO of PassKit, shares how this is benefitting the consumer, the merchant and society today. And what we can expect […]

A day with Apple Pay – Apple Pay Hong Kong

Screen Shot 2016-09-09 at 3.58.50 PM

On the 20th of July 2016 Apple Pay was released in Hong Kong, so we decided to document the experience and show it first-hand to our readers. We went to 7-Eleven, Wellcome, Maxim’s cakes and Voi_la wine cellar. Here’s what happened: A Day with Apple Pay: Maxim’s Cakes in Hong Kong It was our colleague […]

Differences Between Apple Wallet & Android Pay

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 17.29.09

Once you’ve created your pass for mobile wallet on CherryPie you can choose whether to distribute it on Apple devices, Android devices, or both. There are several wallet applications that users can choose from, but in this post we will focus on the main differences and similarities between Apple Wallet and Android Pay. We will […]

How beacons work with WeChat


WeChat global usage With an astounding 700 million WeChat users globally, as well as an increasing adoption and use of mobile wallet technology, it’s time to dig a bit more into the features and functionalities that can be performed through the app owned by the Chinese company Tencent. In this article we will focus mainly […]



The original version of this post – Startup Networking in Lan Kwai Fong Just Got Digitally Sexier With Mettā – has been translated into Chinese, to read it in English click here. 誰說,蘭桂坊(LKF)只有聚會?   Mettā,坐落在蘭桂坊心臟部位的加利福尼亞大樓的企業家俱樂部,在5月26日舉行了隆重的開業典禮。他們的任務是建立世界上最大的企業家網絡,並作為家庭為這些企業家和創新者世界各地提供服務。   由於Mettā是一個專門為會員提供服務的品牌,他們想在如何管理自己的會員計劃中有所創新。這時候,PassKit的介入和幫助使Mettā開啟了數字會員計劃以及會員互動體驗。   現在已經是2016年了,而塑膠卡是如此的“1996年”。 體驗   傳統來說,搭建一個會員計劃是一項長期而艱鉅的過程。需要文書工作,工作人員要審核採取的文件再手動輸入信息到他們的數據庫中,從而使成員細節得到處理,會員卡被打印,卡片隨後郵寄給成員,該成員終於收到其塑料會員卡。   下面就是我們提供的能夠幫助Mettā的會員和工作人員更順暢,更有效的註冊的過程。   1.申請人訪問登陸頁面,他們在頁面填寫細節申請成為會員 2.申請人收到一封電子郵件,包含了一個鏈接到他們的數字會員卡。數字會員卡可以即時保存在蘋果的錢包,第三方應用程序的錢包和瀏覽器。 3.會員只需出示會員卡進入商店。會員也可以訪問他們的數字會員卡背面的附加信息,並接收來自Mettā的更新 – 用於發現即將舉行的活動及優惠。 Mettā提供2種不同成員類別:臨時成員和永久成員。 臨時會員: 會員得到的數量有限的場地進入許可,並且有升級成為永久會員的選項。 永久會員:會員可以無限制進入活動場所,並有權完全訪問Mettā設施和服務 – 會議室,無線網絡,收到活動邀請,在咖啡廳購買消費,等等。 對Mettā的益處   […]